Friday, 5 February 2010

I'm Such A Drama Queen!

Since posting my official new post on this new web address, I have had another trip to the hospital and an over night stay!

Needless to say, my GP was sufficiently worried about my continued stomach pain and had me re-admitted to the surgical receiving unit on Monday evening!

After a night of no sleep at all due to the noise and pain, and the fact that I was taken for an X-ray and scan at 11.30 at night, I was finally given a stack load of tablets, put on nil mouth and told that I should expect another operation in the morning!

On the AM rounds I told them in no uncertain terms that I absolutely did not want another operation and could they try and find another solution if at all possible.

After various drugs, and being told OK, I can go back on food and water, I decided that my body had had enough and promptly threw up everywhere - very embarrassing, and not nice for the people on the ward as I did not have time to do a dash to the loo, because my drip stand would not pass between the end of my bed and the conveniently placed bin!

Anyway - it turns out that there is yet another drug to add the the list that I can no longer take!

They did actually sort out a regime that started to work, and so I was allowed to go home that evening - I was more than relieved as they had just announced another visitor lock down due to the NORO virus again!

I did actually sleep that night, but then you always do in your own bed don't you!

Looks like another week off work though, which isn't so good - I have to say the girls are fab though and are ringing me each day with the latest gossip, so that I don't feel so cut off from it all.

Roll on being able to drive and work again


  1. Thank you for your comment,I'm already here!

  2. Lovely to have you with me Gingeyginge, thanks for coming over x

  3. So sorry to hear you have been in such discomfort,hope all is well with you now.
    Thank you for giving me your new blog address and inviting me to join your site again.

  4. Thank you for your comment! Sounds as though you're going through hell! I hope it all improves for you from now! You've had enough bad luck for the whole of this year!!!!

    I was wondering what was happening to your blog!! The other day it asked me to enter a password to read it!! All very crazy! But I love your new blog!! :) XXX

  5. Thanks for coming over to the new site everyone, and I look forward to following your latet happenings x

  6. get well soon dear friend.x.

  7. I siddled over only to find you are ill! you poor soul.....really thinking of you, in our prayers jane and mike xxx

  8. You are still chillaxing aint ya??

    Do they know whats wrong yet??