Monday, 1 February 2010

New Year New Address

So as you area all now are, I have amended my blog address.
After sufficient problems, I finally decided to do something about it, and as such Surf Chick 100 was born - well in web address name only!
I hope that you will all continue to follow my antics, and I am sure that once I am fully recovered there will be plenty on here to keep to amused, not least to say, the first trip with our touring caravan..... Perhaps I should ask you all for suggested names for her, as at the moment she is just known as caravan, and that really is not good enough if we are to be spending our holiday time with her. I imagine it will be April-ish before we try her out for the first time, we need a little Spring weather to lift our spirits when we are using her.
News So Far:
It is now 3 weeks since I had my operation, and although I am pretty much pain free from my appendix removal, and could easily have been back at work last week, I am still in a lot of pain from the endometriosis adhesions that were removed.
The doctor has decided that I am to be off work for at least another week, meaning I don't go back until 8th Feb! It's driving me mad..... I popped out to The Range on Saturday with Paul. This was my first attempt at leaving the house since my op, and although it felt lovely to be out and looking at card stock and decoupage papers for my next lot of greetings cards, it completely wore me out..... it was then that I realised that perhaps the doctor does know best LOL.
Fred, has come out in sympathy and had a nasty ear infection which has needed drops, and also his usual westie skin complaint has reared its ugly head, which means weekly baths - bless him, he doesn't know where to hide to get away from us at the moment!
All of my friends have been wonderful and continue to support me, and despite the fact I feel like quite a fraud being off work for so long, having seen me, they all agree it is a necessary evil.
Meanwhile - I am taking the opportunity to make a few cards and build up my stock to sell. I shall blog them as I make them on my other blog
In the meantime take care everyone


  1. take care yourself flower!! rest rest rest...nag nag nag..anything that needs doing please
    The web is great for shopping!! do the range have a website? do they deliver?
    I know you are bored, your mind is ahead of your body again! pleased you are home though

  2. Glad to see you blogging again, and a great look to the site too... hope you get better soon, I can't wait to see you and Sally for coffee one day xx

  3. Jo! Finally I get around to reading your new blog - I absolutly LOVE the design, the sea/surf chick theme is awesome - and how lovely are those pandora charms? Do they make a surfboard charm?;-P

    And I will definitley be sticking around hearing all about your adventures, you can't get rid of me that easy! hehehehe. xoxoxo

  4. Hi Ali - Great to have you on board over here. mmmm Surf board charm - why didn't I think of that! When I find one, I'll get it and post a picture - good thinking x