Friday, 5 February 2010

Dylans Christening

I know I'm playing catch up - Sorry!

On the 24th January 2010, it was Dylan's' Christening. I am his godmother, and as such needed to be in Birmingham (about 400 miles away).
The plan was that we would drive up on the Friday 22nd, have a Christmas Day on the 23rd Jan with Paul's Mom, and then hop across to Walsall for the Christening on Sunday, before driving back that night ready for work on Monday.

This obviously did not happen like we planned. It was only 2 weeks since my Op on the day of the christening, and my the Thursday before I knew I would not be able to travel, due to the pain, and complications of the infections that I had.

Kelly and her Mum were wonderful, and spoke to the priest who arranged for me to be God Parent my proxy. Kelly asked her own God Mother (her sister Margaret) to stand in for me, and the priest included me in the service, by saying a prayer for me to get better.

And so, in Kelly's words, it is official - I am now Dylan's Godmother, despite not being there.
We shall get together soon and have a celebratory meal - I can't wait!

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